Rcpp drat

Pre-release and test build repository for Rcpp and related packages.

Method One: Install the drat CRAN package via install.packages("drat"), or via install.packages("drat", repos="https://cloud.r-project.org"). Then add drat:::add("RcppCore") to your .Rprofile file (or to Rprofile.site) and you are done: install.packages() or update.packages() will now consider the drat repo along with the standard repo.

Method Two: Pass the repo information directly to install.packages(): install.packages("Rcpp", repos=c("https://RcppCore.github.io/drat", "https://cloud.r-project.org")). This also passes on the CRAN repo information in case other dependencies are needed; one can add BioConductor or other repos as needed. And it works the same for update.packages().

Learn more about drat at the package documentation site which includes several vignettes.
photo of lloyds, source is https://unsplash.com/photos/ribXsPbE9JU